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Employment Opportunities with Fern Valley Chiropractic

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Associate Doctor

This is an amazing opportunity for the right DC to learn a lot and to earn well in an energetic and growing Chiropractic practice in the Louisville, Ky Area. IF you are hard working and were hoping someone would train you to help people, have fun and be successful in practice THIS is your interview.

Become a part of miracles everyday by forwarding your resume and cover letter to drspjones[at]onegreatchiropractor.com

To get more information about our Chiropractic Associate program, please fill up the form below. Our Clinic Director will connect with you personally.

“ Great associateship! I mean, I came in not knowing a lot about marketing and now I feel confident enough I’ve built up my practice in his office and I’m happy!”
- Dr. Miranda Bunge

“ A big thing for me was a mutual relationship, so I wanted to be somewhere where I could get grounded, especially coming out of school, we didn’t have any kind of business experience and I wasn’t really sure what I could do to open and run my own practice, so having that guidance and that step by step helping me along the way was very beneficial”
- Dr Kolton Chapman